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Shared projects.
Learning experiences.

I've been taking alot from internet. It's time to give something in return. May some of you find this useful. Enjoy!

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What you find here?


Some digital clock with date and thermometer projects using different technologies. Difficulty level is easy to medium. I used PIC micro-controllers along with DS18*20/DS1631 temperature sensors and LCD hd44780 type. I plan to release in 2017 at least one project involving some wireless/GPS projects.

Responsive Javascript Table

A true and free javascript table. The columns and rows will adapt based on height/width of the device. Example and downloads available.

Javascript Template Page

I improved Ologons Talantis menu done by Gerard Ferrandez.This is a wonderful interactive grid menu that can be used in html pages.

Projects and Ideas

I made few projects at home that can be used as build ideas. They are mostly made of woods. For more, just take look on my home projects.


Some old tracks made few years ago that I could not just trash away. Sometimes I just look back and listen. The songs were made using my keyboard, Reason and few Rebirth patches. Hope you like them.

Latest Work

Few things I've done lately.