The thermometer reads one local sensor (DS18S20 or DS18B20) and listens for infrared temperature signal. The infrared signal is generated by another external circuit which can be placed meters away. The device can be used to display:
  • only the temperature measured by its local sensor
  • only the temperature received through infrared signal
  • both temperatures, one from the local sensor and the other from the infrared signal
  • 7x4 common cathode and common anode segment display support
  • Single or dual mode display for either local, external or both sensors
  • Configurable display time for both sensors
  • Configurable Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures display
  • Temperature range from -55 up to +120 Celsius degrees using DS18S20 or DS18B20 sensor
  • Thermostat for the local sensor controlling temperatures between 0 and 99
  • Led indicating thermostat state
  • Thermostat active type for the local sensor
  • Great menu with SET/UP/DOWN buttons
  • Low power consumption by the external circuit making a long battery life
  • 64 seconds temperature conversion by the external circuit
  • Up to 8 meters straight infrared range
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