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I've been taking alot from internet. It's time to give something in return. May some of you find this useful. Enjoy!

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What you find here?


Various electronics projects: digital clocks with date and thermometer, gsm g510 interface, flashlight driver. I used PIC micro-controllers 8 and 16 bit along with various temperature sensors. Lots of stuff have been used: 1wire, i2c, uart, pwm, eeprom, lcd, gsm. All projects are open source.

Responsive Javascript Table

A true and free javascript table. The columns and rows will adapt based on height/width of the device. Example and downloads available.

Javascript Template Page

I improved Ologons Talantis menu done by Gerard Ferrandez.This is a wonderful interactive grid menu that can be used in html pages.


Some old tracks made few years ago that I could not just trash away. Sometimes I just look back and listen. The songs were made using my keyboard, Reason and few Rebirth patches. Hope you like them.

Latest Work

Few things I've done lately.

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